On the Energy Needed to Overcome Activation Barriers

Things that don’t conduce to getting writing done:

emergencies; interruptions; personal failings; hobbies; other people’s good writing; other people’s intimidatingly- better writing; good tv; dirty bathrooms and dirtier laundry; baking bread; running; ballet; ecstatic dance; lyrical dance; naked dance; snowshoeing; friendship; romance; sex; cuban sandwiches and manhattans; travel planning, travel pleasure; germs; pain; maintenance of the Strong Independent Woman – Urban Edition (hair, nails, massages, personal training, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, imaging, therapy); inefficient transit; poor sleep hygiene; not being a morning person; anxiety; obsessive compulsive traits; tedious students and colleagues; interesting and inspiring students and colleagues; committee meetings; email; social and political instability; activism and protests; stupid bureaucratic things that should take 5 minutes and take 50; stupid technological things, ditto; gifs of baby otters and swearing parrots; dictionaries; language courses; malfunctioning smoke detectors; family; sunny days; trees; birds; water; sky; wonder; curiosity; restlessness; shame; desire; envy; sloth; greed; anger; gluttony; needing to stop and look up the Seven Deadly Sins because no-one can ever remember all of them at once; not enough peace and quiet; too much peace and quiet and oppressive silence and loneliness; devices; cold; darkness; accidents; the unpredictable; the uncontrollable; pernicious neurosis; the weird tension of needing to create something and not being able to get over oneself long enough to settle down and just write.

About Carol-Ann Farkas

Writer, editor, researcher, educator, and dancer. Will opine for cash, pastry, or attention.
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