On the Energy Needed to Overcome Activation Barriers

Things that don’t conduce to getting writing done:

emergencies; interruptions; personal failings; hobbies; other people’s good writing; other people’s intimidatingly- better writing; good tv; dirty bathrooms and dirtier laundry; baking bread; running; ballet; ecstatic dance; lyrical dance; naked dance; snowshoeing; friendship; romance; sex; cuban sandwiches and manhattans; travel planning, travel pleasure; germs; pain; maintenance of the Strong Independent Woman – Urban Edition (hair, nails, massages, personal training, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, imaging, therapy); inefficient transit; poor sleep hygiene; not being a morning person; anxiety; obsessive compulsive traits; tedious students and colleagues; interesting and inspiring students and colleagues; committee meetings; email; social and political instability; activism and protests; stupid bureaucratic things that should take 5 minutes and take 50; stupid technological things, ditto; gifs of baby otters and swearing parrots; dictionaries; language courses; malfunctioning smoke detectors; family; sunny days; trees; birds; water; sky; wonder; curiosity; restlessness; shame; desire; envy; sloth; greed; anger; gluttony; needing to stop and look up the Seven Deadly Sins because no-one can ever remember all of them at once; not enough peace and quiet; too much peace and quiet and oppressive silence and loneliness; devices; cold; darkness; accidents; the unpredictable; the uncontrollable; pernicious neurosis; the weird tension of needing to create something and not being able to get over oneself long enough to settle down and just write.

About farkasca

Writer, editor, researcher, educator, and dancer. Will opine for cash, pastry, or attention.
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